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Observables AlwaysON router is on message

The patent-pending IOBOT router from Observables offers configurable internal modules, for customisation by market application.

The device’s AlwaysON platform gives it the baseline functionality of a regular network router, but can also discreetly control phone and intercom, access control, security, network, automation, persistent communications and more. AlwaysON enables dealers to add a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model through revenue-based subscriptions determined by end-user service and functionality.

Abe Schryer, president and CEO at Observables, said: “With the abundance of new security and smart home devices entering the market, we saw a need for dealers to provide an intelligent network platform that could be customised with recurring revenue opportunities based on their services.”

Each IOBOT comes with USB, Ethernet and WiFi connectivity. Two additional modular slots inside each IOBOT allow for custom configuration. One communication module can add cellular, and soon Z-Wave and LoRa, connections. A personality module handles physical connections (analogue phone, alarm panel, controllable GPIOs, relays, Wiegand interface, Z-Wave, RF and other application sensors and standards.

The AlwaysON Cloud proactively manages all IP devices on a network, and continuously checks system health to alert dealers if the system is down or a network is breached. If any devices on the network report an error, the AlwaysON Cloud diagnoses and troubleshoots the issue and notifies the dealer, resulting in reduced callouts and higher profitability, says the company.

Stand: 15-G258