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Nureva Span WM220i for larger collaboration teams at ISE 2016

Shared digital canvas, the Nureva Span WM220i ideation system, demonstrated at this year’s ISE, offers the same software-as-a-service (SaaS) model as its smaller sibling, the WM210i, but extends the benefits for larger in-room teams with two side-by-side panoramic projectors.

An image-alignment module melds the projected images into one seamless digital canvas, doubling the visible horizontal space for in-person collaboration. This extended workspace, which measures 6.1m x 1.2m, with 6.2m on the diagonal, means in-room team members can always see a full 50% of the virtual canvas at once, enabling a broad view of content and greater understanding of context.

The WM220i is ideal for collaboration teams of five or more people in spaces with one or more walls longer than 3.1m, such as conference rooms, large meeting rooms and even corridors or other flexible spaces where organisations want to introduce collaboration and interactivity.

It supports the intensive work that requires more visibility for ideas, more complex problem solving, larger scale visuals and more room for exploration, planning or mapping. And, as with the WM210i, team members using the WM220i can see and interact with the contributions of remote colleagues in real time, using a range familiar tools, such as digital stickies, images, sketches.

Nancy Knowlton, CEO at Nureva, commented: “When it comes to fueling innovation – that all-important edge for today’s corporations – taking time to consider and reconsider ideas is what informs, inspires and ultimately leads to something new. The dual-projection Span WM220i ideation system offers an expansive canvas so team members can see more information on the wall, consider broader context, make more connections and identify more opportunities.”

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