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No borders, seamlessly

A videowall of four multitouch screens, innovatively linked to enable seamless touch transition between screen times, is being demonstrated at ISE by Zytronic.

Each of the four 55in Zytronic multitouch screens projected capacitive sensors in the 2×2 array feature an ultra-narrow border and enable ultra-fast, accurate touchscreen responses. Each zero-border ZyBrid screen is supported by its own ZYX500 multitouch controller, which outputs to a single master controller.

Zytronic has created new firmware for the master ZXY500, which combines the data from the individual controllers, stitching them together and presenting a set of x-y co-ordinates to the host computer as a HID plug-and-play touchscreen device. Instead of individual touchscreens, the computer sees one giant touch sensor.

The individual screens can be tiled, and multiple touch controllers linked to create huge, near-borderless interactive walls, with each thermally toughened glass touch sensor providing durable, vandal-resistant protection for the fragile displays beneath.

Zytronic collaborated closely with TSItouch and its EMEA partner Displaylite to utilise the patented Glass Retention Bezel System (GRBS) to attach each zero-bezel 55in ZyBrid touch sensor to the ultra-narrow border displays.