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New universal channel decoder from Antrica

The ANT-36000 universal 100 channel decoder is a new Full HD 1080p60 ONVIF decoder, designed to decode 1080p60 ONVIF RTSP, Mpegs TS and RTMP streams from third party products and cameras.

Housed in a small 135mm x 135mm x 35mm case, the unit can be desk mounted and a 1U rack mount kit is available for three decoders per 1U rack. Up to 100 stream URLs can be pre-programmed and selected individually using a remote control app for iPhone, iPad or Android phones and tablets. The ANT-36000 can be programmed to automatically decode a number of streams in sequence for use as a spot monitor.

Video output is either via HDMI, HD-SDI or scaled composite. Utilising the ONVIF CCTV standard, the ANT-36000 can decode any ONVIF compliant network camera with plain or authenticated RTSP steams, both basic and digest. It supports two-way audio AAC or G711 decode, USB recording, RS485 PTZ control, alarm and sensor interfaces as well as PoE.

Stand: 2-A70