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New standard for podium microphones

High-quality microphones aimed at the installation market are on show on the Amptec stand in Hall 7.

DPA’s Podium Microphone range features the d:screet Miniature Podium Microphone, based on a special interference tube technology that DPA claims ensures exceptional directivity and off-axis rejection. The company says the technology has already proven to be the best choice for speech applications in some of the worst acoustic environments.

Christian Poulsen, CEO of DPA, explained: “We were contacted by an organisation that had simultaneous interpreters refusing to use their existing microphones because the audio quality was so bad, Simultaneous interpreting is a hard job and if the audio is poor, it gets even tougher. We knew we had the right capsule technology to take their existing solution to a new level – we just had to develop the microphone solution for
the purpose.”

Poulsen continued: “When testing against three or four times more expensive competitive podium microphones, our shotgun solution was clearly better. We are proud to set the new standard of podium microphones securing high speech intelligibility.”

The miniature capsule is mounted on a delicate gooseneck and comes in several lengths for table mounting. It can also be used in a wireless configuration by employing the company’s adapter range, which is already used for other miniature microphones.

DPA’s Podium range also includes the d:dicate Podium Microphones which incorporate modular capsules with high linear frequency responses, high SPL and superior gain before feedback.

The company is also showing its d:facto Vocal Microphone, a handheld vocal mic that offers studio sound in live surroundings, according to the company. Due to the modularity of the two ranges, the d:dicate capsules can easily be mounted on the d:facto handle or dedicated adapters, which permit it to be used on various professional wireless systems.