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New RCU Show Sequencer introduced

RCU, a new solution to control large-scale displays in spaces such as major arenas, stadiums and corporate lobbies, is being launched by Analog Way. This powerful rackmount show sequencer, based on Analog Way’s LiveCore platform, can control dozens of switchers, providing up to 100 outputs, a large number of sources and PIPs with high-end real time processing and advanced video effects.

Said to be ideally adapted to complex configurations, it allows users to create and switch between many different layouts to guarantee an unrivalled visual experience. RCU has also been designed to control various external devices, including media servers, PTZ cameras and matrix routers. Extremely reliable, the highly developed hardware is able to run 365 days a year in any mission-critical environment. RCU can be remotely operated and adapted to any kind of user’s automated environment.

Stand: 3-C95