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New motherboards boost lighting console capacity

Expanded control outputs, new portable controllers, lowered pricing and a new software package are being announced by ETC.

The Eos Titanium (Ti) and Gio lighting consoles, as well as the RPU3 (Remote Processor Unit), benefit from enhanced motherboards which allow currently shipping products to support up to 32,768 outputs without co-processing. Desks with the new motherboard offer three display port outputs instead of DVI ports.

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) says any older Ti, Gio and RPU3 products with DVI connectors can upgrade to a total of 16,384 outputs, and both hardware variants can upgrade in 1,024, 2,048 or 4,096 increments.

Anne Valentino, Eos Controls product manager at ETC, said: “The output upgrades are now even more affordable. Users needing to increase their system capacity can upgrade through a lower-cost pricing structure. Anyone wanting to expand their output can contact an ETC dealer for more information.”