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New IR lecturing, distribution systems showcased

Claiming that it is the world’s first, Taiden is highlighting its new Digital Infrared Wireless Lecturing System. The company notes that systems in different classrooms do not interfere with each other; even when multiple systems are operating at the same time, nether crosstalk nor interference will occur. The digital infrared technology also delivers resistance to HF-driven lighting and good operation in sunlight.

Taiden goes on to note that its system also ensures privacy, as infrared signals do not pass through walls or ceiling.

Both pendant and handheld microphones are available.

Also on show on the Taiden stand is the company’s Next Generation Digital Infrared Language Distribution System. Compliant with IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914, the new system is capable of distributing eight, 16, 32 or 40 audio channels, which can be flexibly configured. Because it uses 1-8MHz frequency, it too

is undisturbed by HF-driven lighting sources, and is unaffected by sunlight.

As with the wireless lecturing system, the use of infrared technology provides a high degree of security and privacy, eliminating the possibility of eavesdropping on potentially sensitive conversations.

The LCD receiver display shows channel number and the complete language name, as well as battery and signal status.

Taiden notes that it invented the world’s first infrared simultaneous interpretation system in 2001, with the first digital infrared wireless conference system following in 2008.

Stand: 3-C89