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New Elora Evo revealed

The Elora EVO on-wall speaker, styled in glass and Porsche-grade aluminium, is being launched at ISE 2015 by Waterfall Audio.

The original Elora LCR, launched in 2004, has been used extensively as an elegant centre speaker in the horizontal position. It also serves within a high-performance left and right speaker pair in the vertical position for home cinema solutions in 5.1 or 7.1 configurations, together with the other speakers from the Waterfall range.

At a suggested retail price of €798 per speaker, the new model remains at the same 8cm thickness, but adds 65% more technical innovation, claims the French company. Sculptured with a thick double sheet of glass and with adesign matched to flatscreen TVs, the stylish aluminium components are created in the same factory that produces Porsche cars.

New machining techniques have enable a 60% increase in internal volume. The new bass/mid-range driver from French manufacturer Atohm has a 10% surface increase and a 50% increased cone excursion; a magnet design brings higher efficiency and reduced distortion. Waterfall says that as a result the EVO offers more bass than the previous LCR model.

Elora EVO also features a new crossover, a two and a half-way design providing better directivity and a better low-frequency output. According to Waterfall, with a modified horn design, the EVO speaker also provides a better frequency response.