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New C12 LED tile

The new C12 tile is making its ISE debut on the Schnick-Schnack-Systems stand. Whether as a display or for backlighting, the LED tiles of products series C are small multimedia elements that communicate and bring motion to walls, floors, counters, light boxes and other decorative elements.

In a matrix arrangement of the LED tiles, large-scale video effects can be achieved. The dimensions of the series C LED tiles make them adaptable to almost any lighting situation. The 128 LEDs of the new C12 tile are mounted in a pitch of 12.5mm and are individually colour-calibrated.

Belonging to Generation 3, the C12 tile is able to read the Dynamic-Pixel-Bus (DPB) Protocol in addition to DMX. DBP makes more LED-Tiles available per output of system power supply, up to 3,072 channels. A variable transmission rate enables an optimal, customised balance of channel count, frame and error rate.

When video signals are used, a system wide synchronisation prevents any image distortion and the system speed can therefore reach a 60fps update rate.
Stand: 8-N180