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New and improved ezRoom

ISE 2017 has been selected for the European launch of the next generation of FrontRow’s ezRoom classroom AV systems. The new systems are meant for schools that want not only voice or media amplification, but also advanced connectivity for AV control, remote management, or integration with IP-based paging and bells.

“ISE is the obvious forum for launching the next evolution of the ezRoom line. The solution has been the media control choice for thousands of classrooms for a number of years,” said FrontRow product manager Jeff Shaw. “But the heavy integration improvements we’ve made make ISE the best audience for its premiere,” he added.

ezRoom systems now feature a dramatic boost in audio quality, a programmable Smart Button for the teacher microphone that can be used for alerting, improved microphone coverage, new voice command control options and digital feedback suppression, all in an architecturally appealing plenum-safe enclosure that’s built to order before shipment.

The update includes new hardware and software, as well as a free build-to-order service that saves labour and time at installation. At the core of the new ezRoom is a Smart Receiver (model ICR-01) that combines a 40W stereo amplifier (expandable to 80W), an infrared receiver, and advanced digital processing and control functions. Although it is ordinarily mounted inside a flush ceiling enclosure, it can also be mounted to a wall by itself.

The Smart Receiver takes full advantage of its digital brains, and includes important features like digital feedback suppression; the patented OptiVoice speech clarity booster; voice control of projectors and other devices; software control; and a useful beacon light that shows when the system is playing a school announcement or recording the current lesson.

Stand: 13-B100