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Network videowall could be Userful

A new network-based videowall system that can support up to 25 displays running 4K or 6K content from a single server has been introduced by Userful, with its distributor ViewSonic.

The system can also do artistic rotations for unusually shaped walls, meaning displays can be placed anywhere on the web-based GUI canvas. “We’re making it much simpler to do unique and powerful videowalls by simply using the network,” said Userful VP Daniel Griffin. It is designed to integrate with content management systems. Userful previously specialised in virtual desktops, where it has partnered with ViewSonic.

ViewSonic itself is showing a new, prototype 48in commercial display with a built-in HDBaseT receiver. All the display signals are via Cat5 rather than HDMI, which means the media player can be up to 100m away.