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Multiple screen control with Ermac Ultra

The number of screens involved in projects are increasing, requiring new management systems, which is why Ekta has created a new generation of video processor, the Ermac Ultra, which can simultaneously manage a complex of 32 screens of different models and configurations.

“As a rule, to manage one or several screens of the same type requires one video processor,” said Ekta sales director Oleg Bogomolov. “Ermac Ultra readily works up to 32 screens of different types and sizes. This distinguishes it from other processors on the AV-technology market and opens up opportunities for the most grandiose projects.”

The system combines many complex functions that were previously handled by different devices. Processor operation can be carried out via any of the five control interfaces: USB 2.0 for desktop/laptop PC and touchscreen, system console, DMX512, Ethernet and internet.

It supports a resolution of 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz with 18-bit colour processing, and is based on a new Nvidia quad-core processor, the Tegra 3, for high performance. It has 3G-SDI, DP 1.2 and HDMI inputs, and can manage large video surfaces (including 3D) with a total number of pixels displayed of up to 10 million at 60Hz.