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Multi-camera recording and integrator tools from Matrox

The new VS4Recorder Pro system can frame-accurately capture up to four video and audio inputs to create files for use with popular editing apps from Adobe, Apple and Avid, and for archiving.

It is designed for use with Matrox VS4 quad HD capture cards, and H.264 is provided in either MOV or MP4 wrappers. AVI files can also be created using the high-quality Matrox MPEG-2 I-Frame codec. MOV QuickTime files can be created using DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO HD.

VS4Recorder Pro also functions as a multiviewer, offering pristine video quality even when monitoring interlaced sources on progressive computer monitors. VS4-based systems are also useful for multi-camera live production streaming with Telestream Wirecast for Windows or StudioCoast vMix software.

Matrox Video has also updated its small Monarch HD H.264 encoder, for video streaming and recording, with new automatic configuration tools that allow integrators or video delivery platform developers to design a single device management interface for detecting, configuring, and controlling Monarch HD units in remote locations using easy-to-develop XML information sets that can be viewed by any text editor or displayed in any webpage.

For example, specialised CDNs and video platform providers who wish to offer a branded plug-and-play user experience can use the new tools to simplify their customer’s installation procedure. It would just need a USB key containing the customised automatic configuration file to ready the Monarch HD to stream at exactly the right settings.

Similarly, IT administrators with multiple Monarch HD units on a network can manage all the units from a single application or portal. Streaming and recording parameters need not be set by each individual user.

The new tools are enabled in Monarch HD firmware release 2.1.1, which is available to registered users as a free download from the Matrox website.

Stand: 11-F68