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TiO: MTL4 universal lighting and load controller

SE 2015 marks the debut of the TiO (Turn it On) MTL4 universal lighting and load controller, manufactured by Anuva Automation. The MTL4 is the metric version of the TiO TouchLite 4 and installs easily into a 70mm round or square wall box.

It expands the TiO automation ecosystem, which now includes lighting, distributed music, climate and other systems. With the introduction of the MTL4, all of the products offered as part of the TiO automation ecosystem are now globally compatible.

Users are able to control any kind of lighting or fan in their home. It can be installed and configured in a matter of minutes via the TiO Android app and can be set up with one, two or four programmable buttons.
The MTL4 controls any type of lighting load including incandescent, LED, CFL, MLV and ELV. It’s powerful enough to control multiple lighting types on the same circuit and also accommodates fans and other motors.

Preset scenes are easily created by the end user, eliminating the need to schedule an installer to adjust the system.