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Mounting a challenge to LED installation

The SmartMount Universal Full Service and Flat Wall LED Mounting Systems are being launched by Peerless-AV on its Formula One-themed stand.

For recessed LED videowall applications or those requiring convenient rear access, the SmartMount system features robust, smooth-gliding scissor arms that allow the entire wall to pop out safely and effortlessly, says the company.

This gives enough space for the installer to get behind and manage cabling or tile replacement.

The system features integrated cable management and delivers a slim and aesthetically pleasing finish, says Peerless-AV, while allowing enough room at the rear for component cooling.

Peerless-AV claims its Flat Wall LED mounting system is one of the most versatile solutions available on the market today. Manufactured with an ultra-lightweight aluminium frame, X, Y and Z adjustment and support for multiple LED display sizes and brands, the system can be built to any flat to wall, floor standing, floor to wall, floor to ceiling, and other front service specification or configuration.

Available in kit form, Peerless-AV said the new LED mounting system addresses installer demands for an aesthetically pleasing, slimmer, lighter, more cost-effective, easier to assemble and install solution. The company says it is intended for a wide range of indoor videowall applications in retail store windows, corporate boardrooms, lobbies, concert halls, and more.

Stand: 12-E57