InventDesign: More than mood lighting

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The idea of playing with light and transforming any interior in to an inspiring space where people feel at ease is behind InventDesign’s Dynamic Light Surface.

It is a user-friendly LED mood lighting system that can be used on walls, ceilings or in design objects, and users can interact with it by waving in front of it, pressing a button or using a remote or a computer.

“We have spent much time making the product as easy as possible to install, whether it would be to a ceiling or a wall. Even for the biggest size of Light Surface it wouldn’t take more than five minutes to mount in place. The companies we partner with for making this product a reality have given us a wide range of possibilities for installation, from stiff direct connections to steel cables and magnets. We think that freedom when it comes to installation is crucial for a great product,” said Stefan Verhoef, creative director of InventDesign.

It can create a more pleasant office ambience, be an eye-catcher in shops, or have a positive effect on a patient’s healing process in hospital. Waiting areas, such as in an airport, could also benefit from the Dynamic Light Surface, where images like drifting clouds offer a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Dynamic Light Surface comes in three sizes (all 90mm deep): 1,200 x 600mm, 1,800 x 600mm and 2,400 x 1,200mm. Custom sizes can also be made.