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Monitors AnyWhere to debut remote control signage

The new web-based interface facilitates the display of any type of content in any location

MAWi, the new Monitors AnyWhere web-based interface that will be showcased at ISE next week, is a new digital signage platform that allows multiple users to easily control content shown on videowalls and digital signage screens in multiple locations. 

Designed as a modern and user-friendly browser-based interface that can work on any current browser and on any device, MAWi facilitates the display of any type of content shown on the screens. 

Some of the main advantages of MAWi is that it can show content on screens in remote locations, controlled by multiple users, support for 4K on a single screen and wireless connection.  

Monitors AnyWhere is also debuting its latest enhancement in the field of endpoint connectivity with its new AnyClient technology.

AnyClient technology can convert virtually any endpoint to a Monitors AnyWhere enabled client, allowing the running of any type of content on the screens.