Monitor is ‘bold step forward’

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The recently launched 8351 monitor from Genelec is making its European tradeshow debut at ISE 2015. With what the company describes as a compact footprint and outstanding acoustic performance, Genelec says that the 8351 marks a bold step forward in active monitoring.

The 8351 is a coaxial three-way Smart Active Monitor system that Genelec says it developed in response to the need for increasing audio perfection in acoustically challenging production environments. Every subsystem in the 8351 – electronics, amplifier circuitry, drivers and mechanical assembly – is designed by Genelec’s R&D team and built entirely in-house at the Genelec factory in Finland.

Visitors to the Genelec stand are also able to experience immersive sound in 3D format in a special 3D dedicated listening room equipped with 4000 Series loudspeakers – a range which is specifically designed for the installation market. The company is again participating in the Immersive Sound Experience feature area at theshow.