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Monitor and control on a single surface

Command and control: Apantac’s UE-8-II-K UHD multiviewer/KVM unit

Apantac is showing its latest UHD multiviewer with built-in KVM computer control driving an ultra-wide (32:9) UHD monitor at ISE. This “creates an exceptionally ergonomic control and monitoring station for the operator and user”, according to the company. 

The new UE-8-II-K multiviewer has built-in KVM capabilities, giving operators direct control over connected computers or KVM consoles from a single mouse and keyboard. The user simply has to hover their mouse over the selected computer window to gain full control of it. This enhanced and combined video monitoring and control expands the number of functions that a user can perform on a single surface.

For example, an operator can perform computer actions including router switching, adjustment of pan/tilt/zoom camera angles and control, all from a single console.

Apantac multiviewers can also be cascaded together for monitoring a variety of different inputs and formats on a single display. This hybrid approach offers a completely configurable on-screen display, allowing the operator to view up to eight HDMI 2.0 video inputs as well as being connected to up to eight computers on one ultra-wide UHD display.

Stand number: 5G540