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Mobile recording and streaming

A new mobile, automated AV recording and streaming solution, based around the new Veobox rich media device, is debuting at the Vodalys Labs stand.

“Particularly suited to the educational sector, but also interesting to corporates, it allows the recording and streaming of content originating from a microphone, camera and lecturer’s computer,” explained Mikael Fauconnier, export sales manager at Vodalys Labs.

Veobox can simultaneously record and transmit video from a camera, in 3G-SDI or HDMI as well as HDMI or VGA computer speaker signals.

“Intelligence inside the box detects each PowerPoint slide running on the lecturer’s PC and creates an indexation on the video for each slide,” added Fauconnier. The OpenVeo open source video publishing web application supports the streaming and indexation of the generated rich media and in-video navigation.

“The complete content can then be published on a web platform such as Vimeo, YouTube and so on, with the PowerPoint matched to the voice and image. Pupils can then access various chapters of the lecture,” he concluded.
In France, the technology has caught the attention of the Neoma Business School in Reims.