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Mini lasers emit vertically

Korean first-time exhibitor Clarion manufactures optical interfaces and transceivers for industry, consumers, telecommunications and network applications, using vertical cavity surface emitting laser technology. The GaAs-based VCSEL, developed by Optowell, results in a particularly small micro-semiconductor laser diode and, because it emits the laser vertically rather than traditional edge-emitting lasers, it makes it simpler to install fibre optics.

Clarion has four products on show here. The Bi-di Transceiver module is a 10Gbps bidirectional VCSEL SFP+ (enhanced small form-factor pluggable) transceiver. The Optical DVI module offers high-speed transmission using a single, small LC type multi-mode fibre.

The Optical HDMI Module provides high-speed transmission via a single LC type multi-mode fibre at up to 4K, including EDID data and HDCP in real time, at up to 300m. Clarion also has a small Optical HDMI Converter that is designed to let digital flatpanels display the optical signal.