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Mezzanine facilitates remote participation

Developer of spatial, immersive, and gesture-enabled technologies Oblong Industries is showcasing the visual collaboration capabilities of Mezzanine.

Mezzanine, according to the company, enables distributed teams to manage the increased complexities of business, bridging the physical gap between distributed teams and creating a common digital workspace where teams can share ideas and data, accelerate decision-making and collaborate more effectively.

On show is the latest generation of Mezzanine, which is said to have advanced remote participation capabilities. It enables remote participants to connect from anywhere on the internet, with no VPN required. Support for video conferencing from the web browser is built in.

Other features include support for a flexible number of displays across multiple wall surfaces, expanding the visual workspace across multiple walls and screen configurations.

Oblong says that Mezzanine also makes it easy to organise content without the need to decipher and master a complex switching device or content management system.

“Our cutting-edge demonstrations utilise multiple content sources and live feeds to create a unique and truly immersive visual collaboration experience,” said Steve Pryor, director EMEA channel sales, Oblong.

Stand: 11-A110