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Merging Technologies offers dual upgrades

Merging Technologies will present its upgraded Horus Ravenna networked audio converter alongside an updated Ovation media server. Additions to Horus include a direct analogue output connector to AD8 series input cards.

An upgrade to the Horus Ravenna networked audio converter and enhancements to the software-only Ovation media server and sequencer will be showcased at ISE 2014.

The first upgrade to the Horus system sees the addition of a direct analogue output connector to the AD8 series input cards. The standard AD8D replaces the AD8 and allows PCM recording up to 192 kHz. The premium AD8DP replaces the AD8P card to allow extreme recording resolutions of DXD at 352.8 kHz and all variants of DSD up to 256.

This allows other recording or sound reinforcement consoles to be sent a feed post mic-preamplifier. This capability is said to make it ideal for making recordings at different sampling rates.

Aimed at smaller live productions and theatres, shopping centres, airports, theme parks and other installed AV experiences, Ovation 5 sees a number of operational improvements in terms of flexibility, usability and speed. The headline enhancement is the move to 64-bit native processing, which will enable the system to handle larger projects with much more complexity and content.

Other new features in the software are designed to help during the design and rehearsal phase of productions, allowing users the ability to make split-second decisions and changes to show control and audio playback configurations without upsetting any of the other AV teams doing parallel work.

Stand: 7-C180