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If Meeting Space kits are good enough for ISE…

Here at ISE, Ashton Bentley is launching new Meeting Space products to bring added intelligence and resolution to the conference room. Cat6 connectivity is now available between Ashton Bentley’s intelligent Meeting Space tables and displays, as well as a new 75in 4K screen providing 4K from the laptop, via the intelligent Meeting Space table and Cat6 cable, to the display.

Tony Leedham from Ashton Bentley commented: “People see the table and display as separate things, but we have now built intelligence and connectivity into our tables.

Though a connection hub we use a flat Cat6 cable to connect the intelligence in the table to the intelligence in the display. We are trying to make it as self-contained as possible; if you have a room you want to put AV into, you need a table, so we have created it to be a single package if that is what you need.”

Meeting Space systems are a combination of AV systems and meeting tables with in-built technology and connectivity. New control and signal processing technology plus a new user interface to make it even easier and more intuitive to operate.

Mike Blackman, ISE MD, has bought three of Ashton Bentley’s Meeting Space kits for the smooth running of ISE events. He has a twin 55in display and dual 70in display plus two tables, one of which is a 15-seat custom made piece Ashton Bentley, in the ISE Munich offices, and in the ISE

Amsterdam office a dual 55in display plus table. Blackman commented: “Thank you Ashton Bentley for dragging ISE out of the dark ages.”

The 55in display is currently in HD, but will be available in 4K soon.

Ashton Bentley has also announced the ISE 2018 launch of See Me, which previewed here in Amsterdam last year. According to the company, It has been designed to provide simple user operation for laptop to display input.