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Masterclasses of the future

AVIXA has just announced that two English-language Masterclasses, taught by two of the main universities in Spain, will take place as part of the AV Experience Zone programme on Thursday 12 May. They will detail recent research on generating 3D metaverse content from 2D sources, and applying AI to music and sound.  

17:30:  Generation of Virtual 3D Content for the Metaverse from 2D Images and Videos

The presented of this Masterclass is Dr Jaume Gallego Vila, Associate Professor at the School of Industrial, Aeronautical and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and Researcher with the EventLab group, University of Barcelona. 

He says: “The sense of loneliness and isolation that people felt during the pandemic was exacerbated by the periods of lockdown. The need to communicate with other people and perform common activities such as attending meetings and events from our home computers has led to a rapid development in the use of technology for this purpose.

“The creation of the so-called metaverse has in turn revealed its main shortcomings in providing a rich experience: the lack of a sense of real contact with people and the lack of a sense of presence at events due to the low contribution of body, gestures, facial expressions and spatial information.

“In this presentation, we explain the techniques we have developed to advance remote communication with an enhanced sense of contact by proposing new ways to participate and interact with shows and historical moments of the past recorded on video. For this purpose, a photorealistic three-dimensional reconstruction of a scene, consisting of people, objects and the scenario, is performed to obtain realistic three-dimensional animatable models.”

 18:15:  AI Challenges in Audio and Music Technologies

This Masterclass is presented by Dr Xavier Serra, Director of the Music Technology Group within the Department of Information and Communication Technologies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona . He says: “The Music Technology Group carries out research on audio signal processing and machine learning applied to sound and music signals. Our research aims to contribute to strategic areas of significant social and economic impact. In the last few years, the new AI methodologies, especially deep learning, have revolutionised our field of research, bringing new opportunities and challenges. In this presentation, I will first overview our field of research, and then I will go over some of the current problems we are working on and the practical solutions we have developed.”

Registration is free at The AV Experience Zone is located in Hall 5 (stand 5T200).