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Martin Audio adds to CDD appeal with weatherised line

Martin Audio has extended its popular CDD install series with the introduction at ISE 2016 of weatherised variants. The CDD-WR line will start to ship from early April.

The CDD Series features patent pending Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology which delivers improved coverage and consistency, with often the need for fewer speakers than those with traditional fixed dispersion X° x Y° horns. Martin Audio leads to significant benefits across the installation value chain. CDD-WR loudspeakers meet a rating of IP54, and are accompanied by a full range of weather-resistant mounting brackets. They are designed for outdoor operation where the system will be subject to changing environmental conditions, but sheltered from direct exposure to the elements.

Luke Ireland, MD of Martin Audio, said: “We see this as a great opportunity to extend the CDD brand and technology into the external space. It sounds great, the coverage pattern is consistent across a really wide area, and so the number of boxes required is much lower. It can deliver quite a significant cost saving, as well as the product being quite aggressively priced to begin with.”

“The launch of the weatherised range enables customers to buy from one vendor a solution that fits both internally and externally in their installations.”

The loudspeakers feature a weatherised water resistant grille made from zinc plated mild steel with a powder-coated finish. CDD5TX-WR and CDD6TX-WR feature a dual cable gland for easy daisychaining of cabinets without the need for external breakout boxes, and also feature a 100/70v line transformer. CDD8-WR through CDD15-WR feature a single cable gland on the input cover and CDD10-WR through CDD15-WR are also flyable with stainless steel fixings.

The CSX-WR subwoofers in the series are suitable for outdoor under-canopy operation and have an IP24 rating. They feature a zinc plated mild steel grille with powder-coated finish, plywood cabinets with polyurea finish and are flyable with stainless steel fixings.

Stand: 7-K175, 7-K182