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Making short work of unified communications

ISE debutant Ricoh is showing its visual communications portfolio, ranging from projectors to its Unified Communication System and interactive whiteboards, all of which provide “effective collaboration between employees, suppliers and partners, while keeping the associated costs to a minimum.”

For video conferencing, Ricoh’s Unified Communication System integrates video, audio, text and interactive media, with a range of hardware end points and software apps that can be connected through the Ricoh Cloud platform. Its scalable video codec ensures connection, even when the bandwidth drops. Its P3500 UCS conferencing system does not require a dedicated video conference room because it is portable and can utilise a WiFi network connection. Combined with its portable ultra short throw projector, any space can be transformed into a Huddle Room.

Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards offer high-quality, smooth handwriting and a high-resolution display, to enable easy remote image sharing. Whether used in boardrooms or work groups, they are claimed to enhance productivity and cost efficiency. Several IWB’s can be connected to collaborate and can be combined with any existing video conference system and display the video image on the IWB screen using a picture-in-picture screen.
Its business projector series leverages Ricoh’s legacy of precision optics and lens technology.

The range covers low-end, cost-effective entry models to high-end, conference room projectors. Its signature projector model is the interactive vertical ultra short throw projector, PJ WX4141, capable of displaying an image size of up to 80in while placed as close as 12cm from the screen, making it ideal for Huddle Rooms or digital signage. It offers 3300 lumens brightness, and comes in wired or wireless versions.