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Making Overtures to software room control

Medialon’s Overture offers room control based purely on software. “Instead of running local hardware in every room to run AV systems, you have a central server that can cover an infinite number of rooms and devices,” said Alex Carru, CEO. Because it is software based, he claimed it will cost five or six times less than using local hardware appliances.

It runs on a fault-tolerant, virtualised environment, so that several virtual machines can run simultaneously, and if one falls over, the software automatically switches to another.

All of the devices and points are sorted into a database, which can include what rights everyone has, and instead of being a system you program, it is one you configure. “It is very easy to set up and can be done by the users themselves,” said Carru.

It is also connected to the building’s IT infrastructure, so can be integrated with room booking systems, Active Directory, and other enterprise systems, so users can have one login for everything. The user interface can also be different for each user, only showing them the things they can control, and as it knows what AV equipment is in every room, it is simple to book a room that meets your requirements.

The system is completely standards-based and has drivers for every AV system, so long as it is IP controllable (including via IR or serial connectors). It is being distributed by Comm-Tec and will ship in April, with its first install lined up in the US and another big project, comprising 200 AV rooms, coming up in London.