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Make the most of the ISE app with WiFi hotspots

In recognition of the growing importance of online connectivity at trade shows, and to enable attendees to get maximum value from the official ISE app, ISE is providing free WiFi hotspots for attendees in key areas around the show.

Hotspots can be found in the following areas:

  • South Entrance
  • East Entrance
  • Hall 5 auditorium areas
  • Congress Square (outside Halls 4-7)
  • Upper walkway
  • Garden B
  • Catering Areas between Halls 2 and 3, Halls 3 and 5, and Halls 5 and 7

In all of these areas, you can use either the 5GHz network (SSID is #ISE22) or the 2.4GHz network (ISE22). For both networks, the password is ISE22Barna.

The official show app is where you access your badge to enter the show (to offer to exhibitors who want to ‘scan’ you). But there are many other useful things you can use it for, including:

  • Search the exhibitor listing
  • Filter exhibitors by country or sector, or search by keyword
  • Browse the event programme
  • Create your personalised schedule by marking favourite events and sessions
  • Network with other attendees: simply activate this feature in the Networking area and you can send a message to any other attendee who has also activated this feature. You can block messages from anyone you don’t wish to network with.