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Make the most of [email protected]

After a record-breaking three days at the first four-day ISE, today’s [email protected] visitor and exhibitor engagement programme is packed with events designed to excite, inspire and interest attendees.

Some of the highlights today include: The Closing Keynote at 09:00 in the Forum by world-renowned business futurist and theorist, Dr Michio Kaku, who will be exploring ‘The Road To Pefect Capitalism.’

The ‘Meet The CEO’ initiative will provide a great opportunity for attendees to network with senior exhibitor executives, while ISE and Stampede will be drawing the lucky card for the Win a Drone competition at 13:00 at The Drone Area in the Park Foyer at the back of Hall 8.

A new AV/IT Seminar Programme, which will examine how AV and IT convergence impacts on our understanding of installed networks, runs from 10:00 to 14:00, in room G104.

This afternoon, ISE will also welcome manufacturers and potential distributors to a special M2D business networking event (sponsored by Green Hippo) at 14:00 in the Café Amsterdam.

Mike Blackman, MD of Integrated Systems Events, organiser of ISE 2016, said: “The [email protected] visitor and exhibitor engagement programme has been designed to make Friday at ISE a really special day and one that creates genuine added value.

I am confident that it will deliver on all fronts.”

For the full list of [email protected] events, turn to page 10.