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Madrix is lighting the way

Madrix is a real-time effects generator for 2D and 3D mapping

LEDs have become a major part of today’s lighting industries, and Madrix is all about powerful yet simple products for creative LED lighting. This includes compelling tools for lighting management, monitoring and control.

Madrix 5 software, which is on display at the ISE show this year, allows users to create impressive lighting effects.

The application features a real-time effects generator for 2D pixel mapping and 3D voxel mapping with additional media server capabilities. Using the built-in graphics and rendering engine, fully customisable live visuals are created quickly and easily.

It can produce a complete LED light show from a normal computer or laptop and can drive tens of thousands of LEDs without problems, according to the company. 

Thanks to its parametric visuals, users can create many lighting patterns without audio input. It also integrates with lighting desks, controllers and many other hardware or software tools.