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MA Network Switch makes light of a dark art

Setting up a lighting network can be complex and time consuming, especially when integrating products using different protocols. And even when it seems to be working, how do you know it’s delivering optimum performance and stability?

Enter the brand new MA Network Switch from MA Lighting, specifically designed to reduce the setup time and complexity of creating and managing an optimised lighting network. In Hall 7, MA is showing a complete lighting control solution, from MA console, via MA Network Switch and its network infrastructure to MA DMX distribution.

With MA Network Switch, the company says, most common lighting protocols can be filtered via a simple, web browser-based user interface designed for lighting technicians with no specific networking knowledge. More advanced functionality is available for experienced network engineers.

The switch is housed in a robust 1RU chassis, with colour coded group indicators front and rear. It is compliant with IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet, and all connectors are Gigabit Ethernet via Neutrik etherCON plus two optional, heavy duty fibre-optic connectors from Neutrik or Fiberfox.

Maximum performance is ensured by full throughput of all Gigabit ports and a bandwidth measurement system available via the front display to monitor the switch’s performance.

Stand: 7-P225