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Audix: M3 answers the call

Announced in October and targeted at the installed sound industry, the M3 Tri-element ceiling microphone from Audix is claimed to set a new standard in tri-element microphone performance and design. The M3 is TAA compliant, offers fingertip control for adjusting cable length, and includes a UL-rated plenum box (with RJ45 connector) solution above the ceiling tile.

“We received many requests from consultants, AV integrators and sound contractors looking for us to build a tri-element mic with the same high performance standards as our highly successful M70, M40 and M55 conference ceiling microphones,” said Gene Houck, national sales manager for installed sound. “The M3 is an answer to that call.”

Said to be smaller than other multi-element mics on the market, other M3 features include 100% RF shielding and immunity; gold diaphragm capsules with shielded and fully balanced circuits; and a low impedance design that allows for extremely long cable runs (if required) without crosstalk or interference.

The M3 is frequency- and pattern-tailored for voice clarity and rejection of extraneous noise, and is said to deliver evenly dispersed sound with undetectable phase. Included is a silicone-jacketed microphone cable with adjustable length. All visible components of the microphone and cable are the same colour – charcoal or white.