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Luminato aims to keep hotel guests watching

A hospitality portfolio showcased at ISE aims to provide innovative, easy-to-use solutions for HD distribution and IPTV delivery. Teleste says its products provide cost-effective solutions for utilising the existing coax TV distribution cables, to bring
high-speed internet access and WiFi to every guest room without the cost and disruption associated with the installation of new cables.

Teleste claims its Luminato TV headend platform provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for live content processing for CATV and IPTV delivery. The Luminato gathers live TV and video signals from satellite, aerial, cable, local and IP sources and feeds them into the hotel TV service.

One Luminato can manage hundreds of free and scrambled TV channels with electronic programme guide (EPG) services. It consumes less than 100W of power and creates practically no heat. The device can be equipped with any combination of a wide variety of hot-swappable modules to serve all TV networks and to enable rich TV experiences, the company claims.

Teleste is also showcasing the latest in UHD matrix and distribution from ZeeVee.

ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K supports the distribution of ultra-high definition, uncompressed 4K content, audio, and other data signals using off-the-shelf 10GB Ethernet switching technology.

Stand: 5-R117