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Loops for all the family

Head over to Listen Technologies for demonstrations of its new Listen Everywhere Dante-enabled server networked audio systems and advanced neck loop, specially aimed at the family.

The LW-150P-02-D is a two-channel server with a Dante input on the rear panel that enables easy routing and management of Listen Everywhere audio on a network via Dante Controller (a software app available from Audinate). The server is compatible with all Dante-enabled products and is also available without Dante. 

The LA-438 and the LA-439 advanced neck loops provide a reliable and effective way for listeners with T-coil-equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants to utilise Listen Everywhere and ListenTalk. 

The LA-438 is an adult-sized neck loop while the LA-439 is a smaller version that better fits children. Each neck loop slips comfortably over the wearer’s neck and transmits the audio signal wirelessly from their smart device or ListenTalk receiver to their T-coil device, leaving their hands free for added convenience. The new neck loops are built with a more powerful driver for a more efficient loop and offer superior clarity and better sound.