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Look to Improve with specialist Show Floor Theatres at ISE 2016

As you traverse the halls at ISE 2016, look out for the special Show Floor Theatres – Audio Solutions (7-Z160), Residential Solutions (5-S120), Commercial Solutions (8-D360) and Unified Communications, pictured (9-A140). Together they feature up to 150 sessions throughout the show.

Rotterdam-based Improve is the design talent that devised and built these theatres.

“The idea is that there is integration between image, light and sound from the perspective of the presenter,” said Improve’s director Antoinette Wijffels. “We want to give the floor to the presenters, challenge them to have a better story, and to bring it forward in a way that is perhaps better than a Powerpoint.
“We are also trying to encourage the presenters to make optimal use of all the technologies they have, with the goal of making a more stimulating and energising presentation.”

Improve started planing the theatres nine months ago, first agreeing concept ideas with ISE to create the theme for each theatre.

“With Unified Communications, for example, we really tried to explore what it’s really about. So on the outside we have ‘old communication’, such as old computers, old telephones, but on the inside it’s all digital screens that let you communicate with people on more than one level. So as well as runing PowerPoint the presenter can run 4K video or photos on the screens at the same time.”

Similarily for the Audio Solutions Theatre, there are vinyl and CDs forming the decoration on the outside, while inside the presenters use wireless headphones.

“As you can see at ISE, there are so many possibilities to make your presentations more exciting.”

Stand: 8-D350, 8-E365