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Listen Technologies adds IR version to iDSP range

Assistive listening manufacturer Listen Technologies is expanding its iDSP (Intelligent Digital Signal Processing) offerings with a new IR version. The new IR unit joins the previously introduced iDSP RF 72 MHz receivers (LR-4200-072 Intelligent DSP RF Receiver and LR-5200-072 Advanced Intelligent DSP RF Receiver). The iDSP IR receiver features an integrated neck loop/lanyard for end users; streamlined dispensing, collecting and care; and environmentally friendly advanced battery technology – in, says the company, the smallest, lightest device of its kind.

The iDSP IR Receiver is claimed to offer precise clarity with 20dB less hiss than comparable products, while the integrated neck loop/lanyard is said to improve the experience for people who have hearing aids and cochlear implants with telecoils. iDSP IR receivers are, according to Listen Technologies, the smallest of their kind, making them easier for venues to store, charge, and distribute, as well as making it easier for end users to wear and operate.

Additionally, iDSP IR receivers use lithium-ion battery technology with battery management (the same as a smartphone), eliminating what the company describes as the cost and hassle of traditional AA alkaline batteries.

System components include the charging tray, which can be mounted in several ways; charging case; optional cable management system; earphones (with leatherette cushions, or hard plastic, solving certain sanitary issues); log book; free setup/inventory software; and signage. Two headphone jacks accommodate neck loop/lanyard or two sets of headphones, which could be shared if needed.

Stand: 3-A110

Listen Technologies