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Listen Tech talking up streaming audio

The ListenTalk product family includes a variety of systems, receivers and accessories

The latest personal listening solutions will be on show from Listen Technologies, including Listen Everywhere and ListenTalk.

Listen Everywhere is described as the first WiFi streaming solution for personal and assistive listening. The system can be added to a venue’s existing wireless network, and it enables patrons and guests to stream audio from TVs and other venue audio sources directly to their smartphones or tablets via the free dedicated app.

Venues can customise the app to promote their brands and further enhance the user experience. The low-latency solution is ideal for environments where ambient noise and distance make it difficult to hear audio clearly.

Another range, ListenTalk, includes a variety of systems, receivers and accessories to accommodate customers’ different sound environments, communications and budgets. Specific products include the ListenTalk LK-1 transceiver (combination transmitter/receiver) for simple, mobile, wireless group communication, as well as the ListenTalk LKR-11 and LKR-12 one-way, receiver-only solutions.

The stand also features quick set-up ListenTalk systems that integrate the LKR-1 leader transceiver, multiple listen-only receivers and a docking station case for portable assistive listening. These systems can be used for corporate or VIP tours, training and simultaneous interpretation.