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Linkx Electronics provides style and flexibility for tour guides

The eTour tour guide range from Taiwanese manufacturer Linkx Electronics welcomes a new member, the TG-288A digital UHF one-way tour guide system.

The TG-288A has an elegant appearance, a comfortable grip, a user-friendly interface and a large LCD display showing channel number, volume levels, battery level and receiver signal strength. It has been designed to provide secure and stable transmission with clear digital audio quality, says Linkx Electronics.

A choice of rechargeable and disposable AA battery options caters for a variety of uses, with a runtime of approximately 10 hours per charge. Charging is available via a micro USB port as well as the optional 2/12/35-slot charging cases. The receiver automatically powers off when not in use.

The TG-288A has an individual mic input and aux input on the transmitter and a separate earphone output and aux level output on the receiver, providing a flexible solution for group guide applications. External multimedia devices such as smartphones and MP3 players can be connected to the aux input to wirelessly transmit content to the receivers. Content can also be captured by connecting a recorder to the aux output.

Stand: 7-P185