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Lift for heavy projectors

Designed to support the latest professional and home cinema grade projectors and capable of supporting a weight of up to 25kg and measuring up to 510mm x 510mm, ScreenInt is highlighting its new SI-H 40 HC motorised projector lift. Despite its capability, the lift can be retracted into a false ceiling of only 13cm in depth, making it, says the company, both a practical and aesthetic choice.

It is supplied with a motor manufactured in Italy which ScreenInt says is virtually silent in operation, and it allows a total descent of up to 53cm. It operates from a 1220-230V supply and has a maximum power consumption of 184W. Torque is 20Nm, and totation is 17rpm. The lift also comes with extendable side brackets in order to allow easy fixing of the panel using adjustable threaded bars. The SI-H 40 HC, which weighs 11kg, is also equipped with safety screws to prevent it extending beyond the pre-set end stop.

The SI-H 40 HC is one of a range of screen lifts supplied by ScreenInt, which has been making projection screens since 2001.

Stand: 4-R70