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Lenovo welcomes you to the Smarter Workplace

Joseph Mingori, General Manager, Lenovo WW Smart Office Business

The modern workplace is constantly evolving, and companies need to strike a harmonious balance across culture, physical space and technology to maximise productivity and drive return on investment. However, basic meeting practices remain below expectation, with many believing poor communication technology significantly impacts their productivity.

Why is this such a challenge? Lenovo believes it’s because we’re seeing that extensive globalisation, combined with more talent choosing to work remotely, is creating an unprecedented level of collaboration complexity across locations, people, devices and platforms. Keeping workforces connected and engaged is becoming the ultimate competitive advantage in driving speed of execution while also reinforcing employee experience and talent acquisition/retention.

As the workplace continues to evolve, so does Lenovo. The company already offers one of the strongest and broadest IT solutions portfolios available, and is expanding its ecosystem of Smart Office Solutions across ThinkSmart hardware, software and services has been paramount to helping transform its customers’ business communications capabilities.

The Lenovo vision for the smarter workplace revolves around offering businesses the flexibility to adopt technology that meets their needs today and is scalable to their requirements tomorrow.

“More than ever, work is something we do, not somewhere we go,” explained Joseph Mingori, General Manager, Lenovo WW Smart Office Business. “We want to set people up to do their best work, no matter where it’s from. People are companies’ most important asset, and communicating is the most powerful business tool.” 

Experience Lenovo’s Smart Office Solutions at ISE 2020, Booth 10-K130.