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LED sphere shows the way for digital signage

With an enormous 2m diameter LED sphere suspended over Expromo’s stand and featuring 3G content, Expromo’s stand also boasts the launch of the Danish company’s LED transfolio – a transparent architectural screen which displays the content directly on the inside of glass.

This renders any heavy and cumbersome steel framework unnecessary and reveals the beauty of the content without any bulky structure stealing the show.

The 2m LED sphere hanging above the stand is just one of a variety of size options the company offer to market. The 2m ball is sure to be dwarfed by the 4m and 6m versions that Expromo have recently supplied.

Also on stand is the retail display system featuring digital shelf edging. This is the first year that this product has been showcased at ISE and provides a real draw to Expromo’s booth.

Offering the LED industry’s best design and quality, Expromo’s products are developed and produced with unsurpassed quality and, combined with their skilled technicians’ knowledge and experience with the products, stand out clearly in all kinds of environments

Expromo’s products signs are custom-developed for outdoor use, are easy to control, and the content can be swiftly updated and changed.