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LED and LCD displays

A host of LED and LCD products is on show at the Konka E-display stand this year. The company recently announced its P5.2LED outdoor rental display, which offers excellent colour rendering, seamless assembling design and fast installation and removal. Suitable for outdoor conferences, parties, concerts and so on, it offers a turnkey professional AV solution.

The P10 curtain is high transparency, durable, noise free, light and thin and allows for the assembly of LED screens. It enables the creation of concave curved walls with various angles by adjusting the lock angle without tools to create unusual shaped curtain displays.

The company’s P4 billboard offers strong colour rendering with a seamless assembling design and is suitable for indoor showcasing, plaza, shopping malls, billboards and so on.

In the area of digital signage, it’s the first showing of Konka’s all series wall-mount and floor-standing advertising player, which provides a turnkey solution to help make sales more modern and convenient.

Finally, an all-in-one 1920 x 1080 resolution ‘teaching machine’ customised for multimedia teaching is on show at the Konka stand. It includes a high brightness TV, an interactive e-whiteboard, a built-in computer and a variety of other touch technology.

Stand: 8-H315