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Lecterns are modular and configurable

In what the company describes as a radical departure from the past, Intelligent Lectern Systems (ILS) is shipping its new intelligent lectern and podium series in an entirely new style. The new systems are now reconfigurable and adaptable to a range of multiple requirements, according to the company, allowing system integrators to customise configurations and complete assembly locally as required.

The new lectern family is centred on a single platform. By adding different segments and brackets it can, says ILS, hold most current touch PCs, as well as the current family of ILS lectern tops. This allows the initial purchase of a cost-effective version that can expand later to a more sophisticated model as needs change.

The top aluminium cover houses various functions such as lectern microphone shock-mount, USB hub, up/down, reading light, and switcher control. A narrow 7in touch-panel strip and integrated speaker array are options. HDMI, VGA and audio can also be configured, together with LAN and USB connectivity and a power socket.

Audio and control options and levels of intelligent and touch systems can be configured as needed. The first versions will be available in the spring.