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On the leading edge of visual display innovation

The consumer world is changing at an ever-so-rapid pace. With new user experiences explored, developed and introduced to the market, we are facing a spiking demand for life-changing or -empowering products and services. It is crucial that we take the initiative to fulfil this need for more.

For visual display innovations in 2015, three major trends will continue to evolve and dominate all markets:

• From Mobility to Seamless Content Sharing on the Go. With everything shifting to mobile, consumers are moving from the simple personal enjoyment of smart devices on the go to broader applications in life, such as utilising these devices for work purposes. Hence the step forward would be to cater for seamless content sharing between multiple devices, getting consumers fully mobilised and connected.

• Interactivity Across Multiple Devices and Platforms. New interactive experiences will be created to enhance consumers’ interaction with digital content. Nothing is simpler than to use your own finger to manage your digital lifestyle. Enhanced interactivity will continue to be of focus for products like IFPs, digital signage and projectors.

• Versatility in Everything. It’s easier to think of this in terms of ‘simpler solutions for everything’. Everything you design and make should meet multiple demands at once, such as digital signage that can be used as a store poster for sales messages on one side and as an interactive product guide on the other.

It would be interesting to spot out these trends in ISE 2015. Technology innovations are meant to bring more enjoyment and quality to every aspect of life and it’s up to us to open the world to more possibilities. Let us encourage each other in our endeavours.