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Launch of new wire-free devices

Here at ISE, ABB is showcasing its latest wireless devices. Wire-free ABB-free@home devices provide the same level of functionality as wired ones, the company stated, yet without the necessity of connecting a bus cable because communication takes place via radio frequency.

The commissioning of all components is conducted through the same proven interfaces, either through an ordinary web browser or the ABB-free@home App.

Wireless devices can also be operated via voice commands or remotely through myABB-Living Space.

Every free@home wireless device with a mains supply automatically works as a repeater, therefore extending coverage of the wireless signal from the basement to the highest floor, ensuring that no information gets lost.

Together with existing wired components from the new wireless ABB-free@home, devices form a seamless system.

The new wireless products can either be installed completely independently, or combined with products that require a bus cable to create a mixed installation.