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Largest 4K mirror screen from Agath

Agath, a specialist manufacturer of mirror TVs and bathroom TVs, is showing off what it claims is the largest 4K mirror TV available. The K298 98in screen is delivered as a complete kit, including a steel frame for in-wall or on-wall installation; a waterproof remote; and a pair of in-ceiling B&W CCM382 speakers.

The company is demonstrating the TV with an Italian custom-designed frame and invisible speakers by Nakymatone, which is co-exhibiting with Agath.

Receiving its launch at ISE is the MirrorTouch 32in on-wall touchscreen, which is designed to interface with home automation systems such as those from Control4 and Crestron.

Also on show is Agath’s in-wall 14in television which features the company’s patented SEM technology. SEM technology sees the TV created in two parts – the back panel and the electronic component. The thinking behind this is to make the screen as future-proofed as possible in that the entire product need not be upgraded: only the electronic module is replaced, allowing, says the company, a worthwhile saving. For multi-screen locations, this approach is also said to be advantageous in terms of needing to hold fewer backup units in the event of a screen needing to be replaced.