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Lang media server has eight DisplayPort outputs

HMS-1 is a high performance media server being featured by Lang at ISE. It provides eight synchronised DisplayPort 1.2 outputs with DP++ support, making it down-compatible with HDMI and DVI, with a maximum supported resolution of 8 x 3,840 x 2,160 pixels at 60p. Four 3G SDI inputs that can be synched to QFHD 60p as live inputs are also provided.

The HMS-1 is able to reproduce 12 synchronised QFHD image sequences in DDS 50p, and is capable of a total throughput of 3.5 GBytes/second for multiple highly resolved video data streams.

Three terabytes of SSD data storage is included, configured as a redundant RAID-5 system with a throughput of up to 28 GBits/second. On the software side, the HMS-1 is delivered with a Coolux Player pro licence with 32 video layers and unlimited graphics layers.

Also featured by Lang is the onyxTOUCH, a new multi touch technology. It comes without a frame for the infrared emitters and without capacitive sensor wires, and uses a high precision, low latency optical touch technology that can be used with fingers, gloves and even pens, simultaneously processing up to 10 touch points.

Featuring full HD resolution, a 55in diagonal and 700 nits of brightness, Lang notes that it has a premium glass surface positioned very near to the panel, which allows parallax-free operation.

It is also said to be stable in high brightness ambient light. Further, the company says, it is user-friendly and does not require any calibration, working ‘plug and play’ with most common operating systems.

Stand: 1-H60