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LA2Xi an install first

French loudspeaker and sound reinforcement manufacturer L-Acoustics has released its first-ever install-specific amplifier at ISE in the form of the LA2Xi.

The new unit has been built to address the installation market’s increasing demand for scalable, economic amplification. Designed principally to power L-Acoustics’s compact loudspeakers, the bridgeable 4×4 channel LA2Xi offers anywhere from one to four outputs, allowing it to also drive medium- and large-format loudspeakers, in full or reduced SPL, for a variety of applications.

Scott Sugden, product technology outreach manager atL-Acoustics, said: “This amplifier is specifically designed to power our smallest products, so it’s really well paired for the our most compact point source products the X4I and 5XT, but it can also power our biggest products. It’s 100% targeted for installs.”

Sugden also pointed out that while the brand may be best known for its work in the live sound and touring market, its activities in the install sector have grown significantly in recent years.

“The installation market is close to half of our business,” he continued. “Everyone knows L-Acoustics for big festivals and tours, and we take the DNA and the magic from what we bring to those amazing shows and put that into every product we make. The LA2Xi helps you achieve that in a more affordable package that’s better matched for what you’re doing.”